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The E2 visa process can easily be broken down to 2 steps:


  • Sending required documents to Korea to start visa application process at the Korean Immigration Office.

  • Completing the E2 visa process with E2 confirmation number at the closest Korean Consulate.

A number of documents are required for each one of these steps and TESLK will be there to help you navigate through all of the paperwork and make it as simple as possible.

Documents required to start an E2 visa application at the Korean Immigration Office

  • Original, Apostilled National Criminal Record Check:

Must be less than 6 months old when it is submitted to the Immigration Office

The original CRC must be apostilled by the Department of Internal Affairs


  • A notarized and Apostilled PHOTOCOPY of your University Diploma

A photocopy of your diploma must be apostilled by the Department of Internal Affairs


  • A Photocopy of the Information (photo) Page in your passport

Passport must have at least 1 year remaining validity.


  • 4 color Passport Photos

Photocopies will not be accepted.

Additional photos will be required later on.


  • A signed copy of your Resume with correct address and contact information.


  • A signed contract.


  • Health Statement Form

Must be filled out by you.

Once you arrive in Korea, you will visit a general hospital or community health center to obtain medical exam certificate to apply for Alien Registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival.


  • Teach ESL Korea Document Checklist

Fill out the checklist and include it with your documents.

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