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Types of Jobs in Korea

There are 2 basic types of jobs in Korea – Public School and Private Schools.


Private schools are often called hagwons. Most 1st year teachers in Korea now work for hokwons, unless you have a stellar resume (B. Ed, BA in English or Linguistics). We make sure you can email with a current teacher at any of our hokwons, so you can be comfortable it’s a reliable, enjoyable workplace.

*At this point it must be made very clear the ESL job market in Korea has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the market maturing, more teachers staying in Korea for several years, combined with a huge increase of applicants.

**Most public schools do their hiring 5 months before the start dates of Sept 1st and March 1st, so if you are not prepared well in advance this might not even be an option.

For most 1st year teachers, unless you have a degree in Education, Linguistics or Education it is most likely we will be focusing on private schools.

Private Schools

Kindy hokwons - 10am to 6pm, teaching mostly kindergarden, with some elementary school in the afternoon.

Afternoon hokwons - 1-9pm or 2-10pm, teaching mostly elementary with some middle school.

Adult hokwons - Split shift - 7-10am and again from 6-9pm, teaching adults.

Additional info: almost all schools have the same basic contract details:

Public schools

EPIK handles the public school jobs for almost all of Korea, including inside Seoul, Busan and all of the provinces – except Gyeonggi-do, which is handled by GEPIK.

All public school contracts will include

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